About Me

InvestaMom3Hi! I’m “InstaMom”. A term my friends called me after hearing all the different stories about my teenage child and social media. As I often tell my son… “I will ALWAYS be one step ahead of you. Don’t you ever forget it.” So now, I am on a mission to do so. Everything I’ve learned and learn along the way, I want to share with other parents so they too can stay involved and make sure their child(ren) are safe.

For my son’s protection, I’m hiding my identification. I don’t need his friends knowing that I’m the one sharing “behind the scenes” information about social media or how I think every parent should always be checking their child’s phone, portable device, email, texts, etc.

Social media and the internet gives our children access to the outside world like we never had, growing up. What they post, text, tweet, send, upload and/or capture can not only get them in to trouble at home or school or with their friends, but harm their chances in the future for getting jobs, going to college, graduating or becoming the next President of the United States. No joke.

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