What is Omegle?

imgresStranger Danger!! Do your kids use Omegle? You need to go check and find out because out of all the social media sites out there, this is one of the dangerous ones. Just like their tagline promotes, it’s a change for people to talk to strangers! As if this crazy world needs an app/website like that. It’s a free online chat website that randomly links users with strangers. It’s a site/app for 18 and older but that hasn’t stopped young children from using the site. Back in October 2014, two 13-year-old girls went missing after meeting up with a 23-year-old man they met on Omegle.

What should parents do? First, check your child’s computer and mobile device to see if they have the app. Then, DELETE IT. However, sites like these pop up all the time and it’s hard to keep up. I try to stay up-to-date on the latest and only found out about this app today through a friend on Facebook. Second, talk to your children. It’s a conversation to have with them when they are young and continue to do so as they grow older. I plan on reminding my son about internet safety today and checking over his phone again this week.

Karina Hedinger from Fox News had this to say about online safety for children:

Hedinger recommends talking with children about online dangers often, the sooner the better; however, she says the key to keeping kids safe isn’t barring or banning them from certain sites since new ones pop up every day. Instead, she says the real key is having conversations about how to recognize online predators and explaining why children should refuse to give out personal information — including age, sex and location.

“Let’s put it this way: When I’ve talked to students in the past, I’ve had many, many kindergarteners talk to me about all sorts of different social networking sites and apps that they use on a regular basis,” she said.

You can read more here in the article about Omegle and why parents should care.

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