California Passes “Eraser” Law for Minors on Social Media Sites

2013-09-25 20.03.57

On September 23rd, legislation was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown that will require social media and web sites to remove online activity from a minor starting in 2015. Party pictures, scandalous photos or just simply embarrassing photos can be requested to be taken down by children under the age of 18. A bigger part of the SB 568 Bill is to limit the online marketing to minors. It prohibits advertisers to market any under-age material to minors.
Common Sense Media website shared a letter written to Gov Jerry Brown asking him to sign the Bill in to law. The two major parts of the Bill are…
  • First, it would prohibit websites, online services, and online or mobile apps that are directed to minors from marketing specified dangerous or age-inappropriate products and services to minors. It’s a no-brainer that websites and apps that target kids or that know a user is a minor shouldn’t serve these inappropriate ads.
  • Second, SB 568 would permit minors to remove content or information that they personally posted on websites, online services, and online or mobile apps, in effect requiring an “eraser button” that kids sorely need. Too often, young people post information they later regret but can’t delete from the online and mobile world. All of us — especially kids — should be able to delete what we post.
Minors these days will have something that most of us never had to worry about – a “digital footprint”. What could that possibly be, you ask? It’s a person’s online presence. A history of what they’ve posted online: videos, photos, posts, comments anything that is shared online – good or bad. For those of us born before the 80s, we don’t have much to worry about. I still can’t imagine what high school would have been like with cell phones, let alone social media. It’s probably why I’m so passionate about learning and educating others on how to navigate through this digital world as parents. It’s up to us to watch over our kids and teach them to be responsible for what they share online. Be active and be aware of what your child is doing and sharing online.

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