Remembering 9/11

Each year, we all think back to that horrible day when our lives changed forever. We take time to remember the lives that were lost and the friends and families who lost loved ones. People are always posting and saying “Never Forget” – of course we won’t forget. How could we? It’s one of those moments where we can all remember exactly where we were when we found out. This year, “Never forget” took on a whole new meaning for me. It’s more about not forgetting to be kind to one another. Not to forget how, as a nation, we stood together, to mourn the loss of the thousands of people who lost their lives. It’s a time to be proud to be an American and a time to be kind to one another.

My son wasn’t even 2 years old when it happened. I can still remember watching it on the news but making sure he didn’t see anything. He was too young to understand so I turned the channel and he watched an episode of Barney. Probably the first time I was glad to have that crazy, purple distraction. I remember not wanting to take him to daycare and just holding him tight.

It wasn’t until he was about 10 years old, that it finally sunk in to what happened on 9/11. He was very curious and asked a lot of questions. “Who did it?”  “Why?” “How?” Questions, that even adults today, still don’t understand. At 13, I still have to be careful of how much he watches on TV. I can tell when it’s too much for him to try and understand.

Today, he posted a picture on Instagram about 9/11 that surprised me, in a good way. It made me smile to see how proud he is to be an American and that we have grown to become stronger, not weaker, from an event that changed our lives forever

Photo Sep 11, 12 18 45 PM

Talking to young children about 9/11 is not easy. Eventually though, they will find out. Either at school, on the news or from a friend. The best thing to do as parents, is to make sure you reassure them that they are safe. There are several books and some great articles on talking to your children about what is now, a big part of our American history.

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