Internet Safety for Kids

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve talked to my friends about internet safety. Some parents I know don’t know a thing about the internet. Others are scared of it and all too many let their kids surf the web, use social media and don’t know anything about what their kids are doing.

Here are five tips from an article on Online Mom on how to keep kids safe:

  • Be informed. Find out what your child likes to do on the Web, which sites he likes to visit, and which games he plays. Spend time together online and show an interest in what he’s doing.
  •  Start a dialogue. Talk to your child about online safety and be specific about your concerns. Let him know there are safe and unsafe web sites, just as there are safe and unsafe places to go in the real world. Talk about the importance of resisting contact with people he doesn’t know, and immediately telling you about anything that makes him uncomfortable.
  • Protect personal information. Teach your child to respect personal information, both his own and other people’s. Teach him never to share passwords, phone numbers, addresses, or other personal information, and to never post pictures or information about other people without their permission.
  •  Click smart. Teach your child not to open files or click on links unless they are from a trusted source. Talk about the dangers of malware and how viruses can harm files and the performance of the computer.
  •  Install parental controls. Install a top-rated suite of parental controls to protect your home computers and monitor your child’s use. And let your child know that you have installed parental controls; trust is the foundation of good decision-making.

The article also states “If you maintain a dialogue and are consistent in your approach, your child will quickly develop the good online habits that will be so important through the teen years and beyond. Don’t leave it to chance or let others teach your child. Become an online parent today!

Right now, there are no laws for minors and the internet. You, as their parent, are the only one that can keep them safe. Take the time to see what their doing, saying, and talking to.

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