Social Media and Our Kids

social-media-iconsI know. It’s overwhelming. It’s always changing, but guess what? It’s here to stay and it has become a big part of our children’s lives. If it hasn’t yet in yours, it will, eventually. You can try to keep them away, but the more you do, the more they are going to want to try it. Just like every other forbidden fruit. Someone, somewhere will give them access and the next thing you know, your child(ren) will be exposed to the world of social media.

Not all social media is bad. It depends on how it is used and the content your child(ren) post and/or read. It’s something you, as a parent, need to monitor.

It’s a different world we live in these days and instead of ignoring it, hoping it goes away, or not paying attention to it, I highly suggest you get familiarized with it.

That’s what I hope to be able to bring to you – information, tips, tricks and cheats on how to navigate through this ever-changing world of social media and the internet.

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